Sing In The Rain

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It’s raining right now where I am, and I was thinking about you. Yes, you. Maybe it’s not physically raining where you are, but maybe it’s raining in your life. Maybe you feel like there are many troubles aggravating you. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one recently. Maybe you’re going through a breakup. Maybe you’re not doing so well in college. Maybe a family member has been diagnosed with a disease. Maybe today just really sucks.

But…you’re alive. You are loved. God is taking care of you. He knows what’s best. Rest in the truth that you’re in your Savior’s hands. He makes ALL things work for good. Beauty comes after the pain. Don’t let the rain defeat you. Face your worries with a brave face. The sun comes out tomorrow, but until tomorrow gets here…sing in the rain! ☔️💕