Little Balloon

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“Always how my story ends
Feels like I’m slipping from your hand.
Try and try, time and time again,
I want to hold on; hope I can.

No one is able to steal what is in Your hands.
No one is able to steal what is in Your hands.
No one is able to steal what is in Your hands.
No one is able to steal what is in Your hands.”

-Jenny & Tyler, Little Balloon

Listen to the song “Little Balloon” and you will know exactly how I’ve been feeling lately.

I’m always trying to make my relationship with Jesus work. I try to read my Bible daily, encourage others, do the right thing- but somehow, I mess up. That balloon slips away from my hands. And I’ll try to catch it again, and for one second I have it. But my story ends the same way every time. I end up weary and tired from chasing that balloon. I give up. The balloon slips away from my hand. I feel like I’m slipping from God’s hand.

But truth is, I am not.

I am not slipping from God’s hand and I never will. I was trying to hold on to me and my abilities, instead of holding on to God. I forgot about what God did for me and the fact that no one is able to steal what is in His hands. Nothing and no one can steal me from God’s hands. Even when things slip from my hands, I will never slip from God’s hands.

And neither will you.


Look Like Love

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” If I believe there’s a Savior, is the proof in me?
Is He alive and breathing?
Is He what they remember? Is He what they see when they look at me?
Do I look like love?”

Look Like Love, Britt Nicole

What does it mean to look like love?
To look like love is to be compassionate. To be caring. To show Jesus. Looking like love is not hard. You don’t have to go on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic to look like love. You don’t have to go to a poor neighborhood and give out food and clothing. Your mission field is where you are. Your home. Your school. Your friends. When you help your little sister with her homework, you look like love. When you help your mom with dinner, you look like love. When you help pick up the books your friend dropped at school, you look like love. When you stand up to the boys that were bullying the new kid, you look like love.

I dare you to look like love today. Right now.

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Light it Up

“Everything you never said, and all the things you thought instead, and everyone you never knew, and everywhere you’re going to, and every song you wanna sing, and every smile as it begins it’s yours and yours alone! Yes, it’s yours and yours alone.
So light it up and let it go, don’t you see that you are not alone? Just light it up and watch it fly, ’cause you can go anywhere you want tonight.”

Light it Up, for KING & COUNTRY

Smile today. It’s a fine, fine life. You are free to do whatever you want. You are free. Be brave. Light it up.


Pushing on a Pull Door

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“You made a plan, you think you’re in control.
Yeah, you’re flying but you’re way too high to fall.
And hey man, check around the corner.
Because it’s coming, here’s your wake-up call.
Don’t you hear Me coming? I’m your wake-up call.
When you’re upside down, then you see it all-
everything’s the wrong way around but clearer than before.
When you’re upside down, then you see it all-
that you spend all your time pushing on a pull door.”
-Pushing on a Pull Door, by for KING & COUNTRY

Sometimes we need a little shaking and turning around from Someone to see that we’ve been doing things the wrong way, that we’ve been pushing on a pull door.

It’s written on my soul: Hope is what we crave

Everyone needs something to believe in.
Everyone needs grace.
Everyone needs an anthem.
Everyone needs Hope.

” Hope is what we crave and that won’t ever change, so I stand and wait.
I need a drop of grace to carry me today, a simple song to say.
It’s written on my soul: Hope is what we crave.”

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Listen to this beautiful song by for KING & COUNTRY!