Light it Up

“Everything you never said, and all the things you thought instead, and everyone you never knew, and everywhere you’re going to, and every song you wanna sing, and every smile as it begins it’s yours and yours alone! Yes, it’s yours and yours alone.
So light it up and let it go, don’t you see that you are not alone? Just light it up and watch it fly, ’cause you can go anywhere you want tonight.”

Light it Up, for KING & COUNTRY

Smile today. It’s a fine, fine life. You are free to do whatever you want. You are free. Be brave. Light it up.



It’s written on my soul: Hope is what we crave

Everyone needs something to believe in.
Everyone needs grace.
Everyone needs an anthem.
Everyone needs Hope.

” Hope is what we crave and that won’t ever change, so I stand and wait.
I need a drop of grace to carry me today, a simple song to say.
It’s written on my soul: Hope is what we crave.”

20130829-110716 p.m..jpg

Listen to this beautiful song by for KING & COUNTRY!

Well Done

“I’m gonna run this race to hear You say ‘well done’

Well Done, Moriah Peters

When I started doodling on Instagram, I just did it for fun and decided to tag my favorite singer, Moriah Peters, as I had doodled one of her songs. She ended up “liking” it on Instagram, and I was happy to see that she’d seen it. This was an incentive for me, and I started drawing some more. I got comments from many people on my profile, saying great things about my doodles. It was then that I realized that I could use art and what I thought to be simple little doodles to spread Jesus. God has been so good to me, more good than what I deserve, and I want to hear Him say “well done”, which is why I draw. My gabydoodles are centered around those two words: well done.

20130829-072510 p.m..jpg