A Year of Doodling

20131229-115321 p.m..jpg

I walked into 2013 without knowing what I was getting into. A few days before the year began, I was inspired to draw, after a year of not drawing. I was listening to a Moriah Peters song, Bloom, and this doodle happened.

20131229-055634 p.m..jpg

I drew another doodle, inspired by another song by Moriah, Sing in the Rain.

20131229-055740 p.m..jpg

I took a picture of it and uploaded it to Instagram. I got feedback on it and it encouraged me to doodle more.

This happened:

20131229-055844 p.m..jpg

20131229-055938 p.m..jpg

20131229-060035 p.m..jpg

Britt Nicole shared one of my doodles. She didn’t credit me, but no hard feelings πŸ™‚

20131229-060126 p.m..jpg

As with the Sing in the Rain doodle, I got encouraging feedback. In the month of May, I turned 17. On my birthday I decided to dedicate myself and my art to The Lord, and I prayed that my life became the proof of God’s love, along with my art. I prayed that at the end of my life I could hear God say “well done”. In my heart, that day was the beginning of Gabydoodles as a ministry. After that, doodling became a fixture in my life [and my Instagram].

Through doodling I’ve “met” so many people that have blessed my lives and through them God has shown me his love. One of them is Raquel, who featured Gabydoodles in her blog and helped me create the Gabydoodles blog.

Through doodling I’ve also seen God’s creative nature. He makes me creative because He is the Creator. He is creativity. He invented the colors I use to draw, He created the nature that inspires me, He created the musicians and songwriters that inspire me. He created me. He inspires me. He is the reason why I doodle, the reason why I want to tell the world about His love.

Gabydoodles, undoubtedly, has been the highlight of 2013. And yet, it wasn’t in my plans. I wasn’t looking for it. As this ministry grows, my relationship with God has grown too. I understand Him in a different way. I love Him even more. I am so excited to see what God has in store for me and Gabydoodles in 2014 [an Etsy shop, maybe?].

Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for following Gabydoodles on Instagram [and Facebook & Twitter!]. You’ve helped this ministry grow and you’ve been so encouraging to me.

Much love,
Gaby πŸ’•

20131229-060512 p.m..jpg
Believing this for 2014.


4 thoughts on “A Year of Doodling

  1. Love this! I always forget that you’re still so young. God is doing great things through you already. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for you ~ I think an etsy shop would be awesome!!


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