I Know You’re Out There: Love, Waiting, & a Poem

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I’m 17 and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I never was like the other girls in my class, those who read magazines and articles on how to be flirtatious and how to get the guy. I am not looking for a relationship. It’s not even one of my priorities right now.
Since a young age, I’ve always trusted that God would send me the man He made for me. I remember being in my early teens and praying, “God, I will not look for a guy. I know You will bring Him to me at the right time. Your time.” Jamie Grace totally gets me. I love when she says, “I believe I was created by the creator of love. I know he knows my dreams, my hope and my future”.
I know God has a future planned for me. It’s in His word:

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’”.

And even though I know He is holding my future, which includes a husband [I hope! :)], sometimes I need reminding that God has the man for me. I wrote this poem last year to my future husband, when I was feeling sad and tired of waiting and questioning whether or not God had the person for me, and I want to share it with you. Maybe you need to be reminded that when you give God control over your life, that includes your love life too. He’s writing your love story.

I don’t know you yet.
But I know you’re out there.
I don’t know if you have blue eyes or green eyes or brown eyes.
I don’t know if you’re tan or pale
Or if you look like Christian Bale.
I don’t know if you’re short or tall.
But I know you’re out there.
I don’t know if you can swim or ride a bike
Nor the ice cream flavor you like.
I don’t know what your favorite color is
Or if your name is Chris.
I don’t know if you hate math like I do or if you have seen Toy Story 2.
I don’t know if you like to read; I hope you do.
But I know you’re out there.
There are many things I don’t know about you,
But some things I do know.
I know God made you for me.
I know that your smile will make my heart flutter
And my legs melt like butter.
I know I’m gonna love you with all my heart.
I know you’re gonna love me too, yes I do.
I know the day you kiss me, my head will be spinning
And you’ll have to hold me, ’cause I might be fainting.
And one day I’ll know
If you’re tan or pale
And if you look like Christian Bale.
I’ll know if you like ice cream
And if your favorite color’s blue.
I’ll know if you have seen Toy Story 2,
And if you haven’t, we’ll watch it together,
Because I haven’t seen it either, to tell you the truth.
I’ll know if you like math and if you like to read
And I’ll know all of this because
I know you’re out there.

And for the record, I don’t like Christian Bale. It was the only thing that rhymed with pale. 🙂

But seriously…

20131211-060451 p.m..jpg

I wait because waiting is going to save me so much pain. Because waiting is in God’s plan for me. Because I am the pastor’s daughter and everyone stays away from the pastor’s daughter. Kidding.

Not really.

In all seriousness now, I don’t have to settle for any guy. I won’t settle for any guy when God has the one for me. I know he won’t be perfect [I’m not either], but He will complement me. Why would I date any guy with the sole purpose of dating when God has someone way better in store?

And speaking about standards… K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

After giving it much thought and prayer, I have decided to save my first kiss for the day I get married. You’re probably thinking “you’re crazy, girl. You’ll never find someone who’ll take you.” You’re not the first one to think that. People have said it to me before. They’ve found it ridiculous. And I must admit, at first I was scared. I thought, “what if no one wants to date me because of the standard of purity I’ve decided to hold myself to?” After praying, I’ve realized that if I meet someone like that [and I know I will], then that person is not the right person. When I find a man who is truly willing to date me and respects my standards, I will know that he is God-sent. He is the real deal.

My heart is calm and content because it trusts in God and his perfect plan. In the words of Moriah Peters, I’m locking up my heart and giving God the key. I’m giving Him the pen to write my love story. I am turning my love life over to Him and He will do what is best. I will pursue God and devote myself to knowing Him and letting Him use me. I will let Him do what He wants to do in my life because it is the best. I won’t worry about my love life, but I will pray about it. I pray that God will send me a husband that loves Him more than anything, a man that will respect and honor me and my standards. I won’t rush and I won’t date for no reason when I can do it with intention. My heart waits in The Lord and his timing.

I share my [lack of] love story to tell you that you don’t have to rush into love. You don’t have to be desperate. You don’t have to settle for any guy. God is writing your love story. He knows what is best. Get to know Him. Make God your first love and he’ll do the rest. Pursue him.

Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.
-Matthew 6:33 MSG

What are your thoughts about waiting? I’d love to know!

This blog post is also in Spanish. Click here!

Waiting by InfiniteFaith7


16 thoughts on “I Know You’re Out There: Love, Waiting, & a Poem

  1. Thoughts from a late-20’s male with similar values:

    Culture will continue to make you feel silly for your values and for having not had a relationship. You will begin to question things if it hasn’t happened before long. It’s natural. But they’re wrong. Stick to your guns.

    Use this time to cultivate the kind of skills, values and lifestyle that your desired mate will desire.

    God won’t always bring someone directly to you. You do have to get out into the world (in it but not of it) to do some looking. If a male is out hunting for a mate, it doesn’t hurt if the female cracks a twig or two.


  2. I love this. I am 20 and I have never had a boyfriend. I’ve always wanted to wait for the man God has for me, and it isn’t always easy, but like you I’ve given God the pen to my love story and I’m trusting in His perfect timing. Something that I do is keep a journal where I write letters to my future husband. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your poem!


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  4. Hi Gaby, I have two lovely adult daughters (probably just a few years older than you!) — and I’ve been praying for their future husbands since the day they were born. I’m confident God will introduce them to Godly young men who’ll become their husbands and best friends (in his way and timing!) — and love them like our Savior loves his Church: unconditionally, unselfishly, and sacrificially. I hope and pray the same for you. Keep lookin’ up!


  5. Hi, Im so inspired with your poem. My name is Gracious. Could I ask permission from you if I could make a melody out of this poem?


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